Clarence T. Brown, Founder & Executive Director

Pre-College University, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization whose official work began nearly 20 years ago as a career preparatory program in Cincinnati, OH. Expanding on the original framework, PCU continues to guide youth and young adults in identifying and navigating the challenges that threaten to impede personal excellence. We accomplish this by providing a variety of personal/professional development activities, an interactive community of learners, and a team committed to the success of all PCU members.

The Pre-College University (PCU) was founded as a clearinghouse for providing educational, career and life guidance to youth and young adults. The ultimate goal of PCU is to assist youth with developing a personal strategic plan for high school, for college and for life. Standing on the pillars of EDUCATION, CAREER, and LIFE, PCU offers a cache of information, trainings, on-line courses, coaching, and education and career immersion activities that provide the experience and exposure necessary for making important decisions at a pivotal point of an individual’s life.

Research shows that one in seven youth and young adults ages 16-24 are not in school or working. The same research states that the primary cause is the lack of a clear plan for adulthood. Ironically, this echoes the concerns of parents questioned during independent polling. PCU is a wide arching solution which has been created based upon years of experience in the k-12 and college/university arenas. PCU is looking to partner with organizations and corporations who are interested in providing solutions to a global challenge of preparing youth and young adults to be valuable assets to the future workforce.

The intent of this organization is to provide supplemental instruction to k-12 and higher education audiences via a virtual community, thereby eliminating a barrier that prohibits many from being exposed to this level of extra assistance. In addition, PCU will provide on-the-ground services for youth and their parents who wish to make an additional investment in their future. These services include: Parent Education Liaison Services, organized college visits, career counseling, life coaching, seminars and other support services.


Assist individuals with developing a personal strategic plan for high school, for college, and for life.

Offer high quality supplemental instruction via virtual and on-location services, targeting youth and young adults ages 12-24.


Develop a generation of youth and young adults who understand and embrace their purpose, are in-tune with their passion, and are looking to align those two with their educational and career pursuits.

Years of Higher Education Programming
Institutions Supported
Years of Career Development Experience
Students Participants in Our Federally Funded Programs

“If you are considering a career associated with Environmental Science, the Mentorship for Environmental Scholars (MES) Program is for you!”

Cydney Christian, MES 2017 Scholar

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