Kristen N. Gaither-Thompson

Kristen believes that if you meet people where they are and help raise their confidence in themselves, the rest will fall into place. She values the lessons that can be learned in and out of the classroom and desires to help others learn from them as well. As a Sergeant in the United States Army, Kristen is constantly using her life skills/lessons coupled with her institutional knowledge to help her Soldiers and others better themselves and their future. Whether helping virtually through Zoom or Google Meets, or meeting face to face (socially distant), helping someone reach that “ah ha” moment is a feeling that words can’t describe. Her passion for people extends beyond age, race, or religion. Being a part of one of the most diverse work forces in the country, she has the opportunity to impact people at all levels, in a variety of places and spaces. Whether helping people excel in the workplace, the classroom, the gym or in life, aiding in elevating someone to their next level is truly what life is about.

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