Setting a positive foundation for my 9 siblings and my family has always played a part in my quest for success, but the driving force in everything I do has always been to find something I am utterly passionate about. It was in the fifth grade at Whitley Elementary where I was introduced to the way planes and rockets were designed and developed, in a program called SECME (South Eastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering). Since that very moment I’ve had a passion for aeronautical engineering. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized I could pursue a career in mechanical engineering with the knowledge I’d learned early in my childhood. My name is Kenya Webb and I am a junior attending The Alabama A&M University. Our school’s motto is “Service Is Sovereignty”, and that is something that I am very keen about. Once I obtain my BS from the university, I hope to start a non-profit organization in my home community of Prichard, AL similar to the MES program. This is because of the impact the program has had on me and my development as an individual on a professional and personal level. During the internship, I was able to interact and network with mechanical engineers throughout South Carolina, meet some great friends with similar aspirations and goals as mine, and travel to places that I could have only imagined traveling to. My experience with the MES program was life changing and I would recommend this program to anyone trying to develop their career as a student. Not only because of the professional experience, but also the life experience. You’re taught so many things in the process and everything learned is applicable in your adulthood in some way, in my opinion. The MES program sets foundations for amazing careers to come!

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