Jordan Manlove (2021)

As a kid I never would have thought I’d attend Hampton University. Having my dad as a Hampton Alumni, it’s all I would hear about. But lo and behold here I am. Coming into Hampton University I had no idea what I had wanted to do in college. I was an undecided freshman from Delaware whose entire high school career had been centered around Athletic Healthcare.

Through my time at Hampton, I have grown not only as a communications professional, but also as a person. The standard held by the Scripps Howard School of Journalism has definitely played a role, as I’ve learned the quality of work that will be expected of me. Part of my graduation requirement for this school was an internship.

That’s where my journey with The MES program began. My time in the MES program has definitely contributed to my growth while interning with the Grand Junction Office of Legacy Management. The structure and things set in place to help interns succeed is what allowed me to fully capitalize on my time this summer. My project was to create an intern guidebook that outlined intern protocol to be used for future interns. I was able to meet with different team members and implement ideas and experiences other than my own. I was allowed the opportunity to gain real world experience while applying what I had learned in school. I am now in my Senior Year and beginning to apply what I learned during this past summer into my schoolwork. I will carry the experiences I gained with the MES Program into my career as a communications professional.


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