Becoming an impactful engineer had always been a goal for Carl Jules from the moment he laid eyes on a robot in the 8 th grade, only 3 years after immigrating from Haiti. His challenge that year involved doing research and understanding the impact of renewable energy to our environment. He had the opportunity to represent The United States with his robotics teammates in a global competition that year in Tokyo, Japan as one of 5 US teams being chosen. From that moment on, he knew he would go on to study and become an Engineer. Highlighted in the NY Times article that year, he told the reporter “TV doesn’t brighten you, the robotics team brightens you”. He continued to pursue his interest in robotics as a team captain the following years and went on to study Computer Engineering at the Grove School of Engineering before transferring to Florida Atlantic University. Unfortunately, Carl never made it a priority to intern and learn from other engineers in the field until the Mentorship for Environmental Scholars program came along. He took a chance and applied for the internship sponsored by Pre-College University having seen the impact it had made on previous interns upon doing research and having spoken to the director, Clarence Brown. Carl Jules made it a priority to excel at his internship with the Department of Energy that summer and realized how his start in robotics had propelled him to work for a facility which helped clean our environment of toxic nuclear waste. Pre-College University helped him understand the value of networking and excelling in his internship to offer him opportunities he had not imagined possible prior. His work with this organization shows in his confidence level now that he can return to school having had experience in the field he is studying for daily. He is very thankful for the assistance and guidance he received throughout the summer and was even considered as a potential employee upon graduation next year at the Savannah River Site. This young man will be graduating spring of 2018 and looks forward to benefitting the environment with his knowledge and interest as a Computer Engineer. He feels there is nothing more important than to have experience in a field prior to graduating and said, “If you are an undergrad student who wants an impactful internship opportunity and fear the obstacles or challenges that may occur, the Pre-College University program is perfect for you!!” Carl aims to assist and work with the program in the future to help impact other students in need of such an opportunity the way he was impacted to help reconnect with his dreams.

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