Pre-College University, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization. Our mission is to is to provide supplemental educational, career, and leadership instruction through on-site and virtual training, in an effort to assist individuals with developing a personal strategic plan for their life’s success.

PCU has nearly 20 years of experience working with Federal agencies in the development and implementation of their higher education programs. Building on our team’s experience working with agencies such as NASA, Department of Army, the Office of Naval Research, Department of Energy and others, PCU is poised to assist your agency or organization with meeting your higher education programming goals.

Some examples of the types of services we provide:


Pre-College University boasts of its online Academy where constituents can sign up and take workforce development, career readiness and  soft skills courses. Additionally, PCU has a Virtual Environmental Justice Academy, where interested individuals can take online environmental and climate justice courses.


Pre-College University has developed a Boot-Camp concept where we bring program participants to Northern VA to participate in a three-day team-building and professional development training.


Pre-College University focuses on workforce development by providing research and mentoring opportunities in STEM and business-related areas for undergraduate students. PCU has produced a high caliber of students whose achievements and intellect rival those of other similar programs. The over-arching goal of these programs is to insert participants into the career pipeline of participating agencies and organizations.

Years of Higher Education Programming
Institutions Supported
Years of Career Development Experience
Students Participants in Our Federally Funded Programs

Student Testimonials

“If you are an undergrad student who wants an impactful internship opportunity and fear the obstacles or challenges that may occur, the Pre-College University program is perfect for you!!”


MES 2017 Highlighted Scholar
“If you are considering a career associated with Environmental Science, the Mentorship for Environmental Scholars (MES) Program is for you!”


MES 2017 Highlighted Scholar
“My experience with the MES program was life changing and I would recommend this program to anyone trying to develop their career as a student. ”


MES 2018 Highlighted Scholar
“The MES internship helped me to mature overall as an individual and allotted me the opportunity to network with people in similar career paths, from various backgrounds”


MES 2019 Highlighted Scholar
“ Pre-College University has given me life time lessons and has pushed me to find my way. I am really thankful for the experience this summer and the opportunity to be involved in the environmental field, as well with enlighten my path as a college student. ”


MES 2019 Highlighted Scholar
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